Dropbox is a popular cloud file storage platform. Unlike an Internet hosting service where you can have a website that is accessible online by typing a domain, Dropbox permits you to store files, that you can access via their app using a computer or a smartphone. The files aren't executed, so an html file shall be listed and not presented as an actual web page. The service permits you to access your content material from any location provided that you log in with the right credentials. Since the firm allows third-party firms to use their API, we've taken advantage of this service and we present you with the opportunity to generate regular automatic backups of the data that you have on our end to a Dropbox account so long as you have enough space. This shall incorporate one more level of security for your Internet sites simply because you shall always have a copy of any information that you may need and if the application is installed on your personal computer, a copy shall be available not only on their hosting servers, but also in a folder on your end.
Dropbox Backups in Hosting
The Dropbox backup function is offered with all of our hosting solutions and enabling it takes several clicks, so you'll be able to link the account on our end to your Dropbox space without difficulty. The tool which you shall find within the Hepsia hosting Control Panel will allow you to select which Internet sites and databases should be backed up independently and what number of copies should be made, the highest number being fourteen. That way you can have a daily copy of your content for the past 2 weeks in case that you modify or delete something that you need. How much content will be stored within your Dropbox account and how many copies will be available also depends on the size of the data and the disk space you have on their end. The function can be enabled or disabled at any time and if required, you could easily switch the Dropbox account linked to your shared hosting space on our end or even include multiple accounts and have different Internet sites backed up in different accounts.