The Website Installer inside the Phoenix Webhosting Website Control Panel delivers a quick and simple way to start a fresh website using a custom design within just five minutes. It merely requires just four simple steps for your website to be online. It is easy to pick from more than 200 readily available web templates and once it’s ready, you’re able to manage your new site with a click of the mouse. We’ll provide you with login information for the admin area and you should be able to begin incorporating brand new web pages immediately. If, at any time, you need guidance – the technical engineers are available round the clock, able to work with you.

The Website Installer can be obtained with every Linux hosting offer coming using the Phoenix Webhosting Website Control Panel.

A Fast Website Installer

Publish your brand–new website with a click of the mouse

If you’re not proficient in page coding, it can be very hard for you to work with a website configuration on your own – should you not utilize easy–to–use site generation applications just like our immediate Website Installer that’s included in the Website Control Panel. To employ the application, you only need to choose a design and style theme for use on your website and afterwards set it up with just a mouse click. You don’t have to possess virtually any development experience to get started with your website. You can add completely new web pages and add text and photos with them actually comfortably. If you do not like the tweak you have made it’s possible to undo it and repeat the process. It is all quite simple to handle.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Hundreds of Design Themes

Over two hundred web page templates are at hand

We’ve produced more than two hundred different web templates that can be used for your web sites. Since we haven’t ever published these web templates beyond Phoenix Webhosting’s Website Control Panel, only the customers will be able to make use of them. The web themes themselves are diligently meant to accommodate all kinds of web sites – from private blogs and portfolio sites to online shops and picture galleries.

We’re consistently working on issuing completely new templates also.

200+ Free Templates

24–hours–a–day Technical Assistance Service

Let us know if you need guidance at any time

Our technical support crew offers a considerable knowledge of hosting and is all set to aid you with any sort of difficulties you could have working on your sites. Additionally, you will discover a complete FAQ collection and a group of step–by–step educational videos that cover the most typical queries and problems. We supply a one–hour response time frame guarantee, nevertheless, usually the tech representatives can reply back within just thirty min’s.

24/7 Support